Spectator entry tickets are now available for purchase from our on-line shop. For the first time we have change the price of the ticket to reflect the activities on each day.  As there are more classic cars on show on Sunday the prices are as follows:

Saturday early bird                      Sunday early bird  
1 x ticket £10                                  1 x ticket £15
2 x ticket £15                                  2 x ticket £22.50
3 x ticket £20                                  3 x ticket £30
4 x ticket £25                                  4 x ticket £40
5 x ticket £30                                  5 x ticket £50

Tickets will be on sale until  29th August, Tickets Will be posted out day after purchase.

On the day tickets will be the full price of  £10 on Saturday and £15 on Sunday with no bulk discounts

They can be purchased form the shop: Spectator-entry-tickets-2017