Final Regulations and entry list

Well we got here in the end, and i am delighted to release the Final Reg’s and entry list for the Cask 88, 14Th Bo’ness Revival “on tour @ MSCC” 

If you are planning on camping over the weekend  at the venue can you please contact Alex Hazlewood so we can plan a space for you.

We will be onsite from 12pm on the Friday getting things setup, so if you want to drop off your car in advance of the weekend then feel free. The gate will be closed at 5pm. If you need access after this let Alex Know and we can arrange something for you.

If you are dropping of your car on the Friday again please email Alex, if there is a significant number and there is no one / limited people people camping we will be getting security for the Friday / Saturday night to keep an eye on things.

Please be aware that cars are left at your own risk even if security is on site.

Gates will be be opening from 7.30am  on Saturday and racing will start at 10am so you have plenty of time to get setup and have a bacon roll.

Due to the number of entries and as long as there are no serious incidents and good weather  we will hope to give you at least 5 runs [2 practice and 3 timed]  but possibly one additional timed run  on top of this.

The Final Regs, entry list and paddock layout can be downloaded from here:

Have a good journey and we will see you next week.